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User by id


URL : /api/admin/v1/org_users/<user_id>

Method : 'GET'

Login required Allowed Users Method
Yes OrgAdmin POST

This endpoint will let you get user details and to delete users Use token to access this method

Parameters: Query String

Name Describe Note
userId user id Mandatory

Response : JSON

Json describing the user

  'id': 4, 
  'active': True,
  'email': 'test_org_user2', 
  'email_confirmed_at': '2018-10-24 08:09:02.271751', 
  'first_name': '', 
  'last_name': '', 
  'country': None, 
  'phone': None, 
  'data_sources': [],
  'orgs': [{'id': 1, 'name': 'test_org'}], 
  'roles': []