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This endpoint will allow you to insert question to the loger get questions and query questions.

URL : /api/history/v1/questions

Method : POST

Login required Allowed Users Methods
Yes All POST

Parameters : JSON

Time The time the question was asked Not a parameter a filed in the table
org_id The Org ID of the user Mandatory
user_id The user ID Mandatory
data_source The Data source the question was asked about Mandatory
question The question in natural language Mandatory
SQL Result SQL Not Mandatory
JAQL REsult JAQL Not Mandatory
data Result DAta if allowed Should be empty Not Mandatory
error If Any Error Mandatory
Internal representation An internal representation please allow 10K Not Mandatory



   "ID":the question id 

The question is is a unique identifier for the question so we can later set it as bookmark and restore it by ID or shae by id


   “msg”:”ERROR in user terms"