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Download of configuration file for Data Source. is the file you want to CRUD KEEP in mind you need to upload both the json and the sql for the data source to work.

Get Datasource

URL : /v1/nibiconf/data_source/<data_source>

Method : GET


Name Type Description
data_source string A datasource name that will be passed as path variable

Output : JSON

The file in a json format

  "id": "13837135",
  "SqlName": "SqlName",
  "columns": [
      "name": "label" ,
      "type": "text",
      "SqlName": "sql_name_label",
      "distinctValues": [],
      "Entity": "location"
  "timezone": "UTC-12:00",
  "jaqlSupport": "yes",
  "executeSql": "yes",
  "name": "name"